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Our Playtopia Volunteer Program brings together an inclusive team of students from a wide variety of institutions around Cape Town. While providing valuable support services for the conference and exhibition, volunteers are able to gain insights into the bleeding edge of the playful media scene in South Africa, and the world. In exchange for volunteering, volunteers receive a complimentary full Playtopia conference registration, exclusive student volunteer perks, and opportunities to network with a globally recognized cohort of digital games developers and playful media visionaries. 

The Student Volunteers program is a unique experience available to students ages 18 and up (prior to the conference start date). You will help us take care of the amazing speakers and guests, look after the tech and the games in the exhibitions and displays, and be a part of the team putting together the festival (and taking it down).

Playtopia has a very small production team behind all of the magic and the event relies heavily on volunteer efforts to run and sustain it. 



Conference Volunteers receive a Playtopia Delegate Pass, and gives you access to the conference sessions and networking opportunities when you are not on your shift. Volunteering always looks good on a CV - and you will gain access to people who can act as valuable references for any future employment possibilities.



  • Playtopia Delegate Pass

  • Access to all Conference Sessions, once shift is complete or as duties allow.

  • Exclusive 2019 Volunteer T-shirt

  • Access to the Free Lives after party

  • A meal during set-up

  • Memories that will last a lifetime!




Conference Volunteers are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a valid e-mail address

  • Report to the Castle of Good Hope for duty between the 4th of December and the 8th of December according to their volunteering schedule (minimum requirements: 2 shifts).

  • Ideally can attend volunteer orientation on Saturday 22nd of November 2019 at Free Lives (or make a plan to get the info).

  • Ideally will be available on Wednesday the 4th of December 2019, time TBA, for setup at the Castle of Good Hope.

  • Be responsible for working with our Volunteer Manager (Crystal Farmer) to create your own schedule



  • Interested in game design or just love playing games AND/OR interested in digital and immersive art

  • Competent using computers (mostly you will just need to re-launch games or call a more senior Playtopian)

  • Dedicated and responsible 

  • Friendly 

  • Problem solvers 




Volunteers might be required to jump between roles depending on their schedules. There will be particular roles during particular times, and switch between day (09:00 - 18:00) and night shifts (18:00 - 01:00). Volunteers can choose their schedules, but are required to commit fully to the times they’ve signed up for.



In this role you will:

  • Greet and welcome attendees, providing directions and general information for the conference venue, as well as seeing to their general comfort

  • Help direct attendees to the right rooms and point out where events are being held

  • Checking in volunteers as they report for duty

  • Be a beacon for harassment complaints

  • Handling Lost and Found inquiries

  • Checking supplies in and out from the Production Office

  • Act as runners to senior Playtopians if neccessary


Hospitality Volunteers will be stationed at the entrances. Hospitality volunteers must have the ability to stay calm when faced with a large crowd with lots of questions. Enjoying working with people is a must. This position requires ability to trouble-shoot, process questions/information, and be a positive face for Playtopia 2019. Attendees will expect you to have the answer to everything, so familiarize yourself with the conference schedule; special events, locations of exhibitions, and other items that you believe will contribute to an overall positive Playtopia experience including information about the event for first-time attendees.

At Playtopia, in order to maintain a safe space for all participants, we have implemented a solid anti-harassment policy. Hospitality volunteers will be the go-to beacon for any harassment reports. Comprehensive harrassment policy and brief for what to do in various situations will be provided (Contact person: Limpho Moeti).



In this role you will:

  • Responsible for checking in and assisting exhibitors

  • Monitoring attendee access to the displays

  • Encouraging attendees to interact with the games and installations

  • Monitoring that all stations are still working.

  • Make sure that nothing is damaged or stolen during your shift

For this role you will be assigned a specific room or display to oversee for a certain portion of your shift. Some artists or developers have specific instructions for their games/artworks. You will be given instructions depending on which room you are covering on the Wednesday during setup. Volunteers will swap out every few hours, and will, in as far as possible, be stationed in groups of two so that you can move around if need be.



In this role you will:


  • Make sure that the next speaker is present and ready

  • Keep time during sessions 

  • Ensure that water bottles are stocked up

  • Be a go-between between the speaker room and technical support/senior Playtopians


Volunteers will be stationed in the conference room. This is an excellent role for those who are interested in attending the talks. Stage support volunteers will be a first point of contact for speakers and delegates.You will be expected to familiarise yourself with the schedule and contact more senior Playtopians if anything should go awry.




In this role volunteers will:

  • Assist in setting up and packing up installations, computers, decor, etc.


Set-up of the festival will happen on Wednesday the 4th of December and Thursday the 5th of December until the opening event at 18:00. We encourage all volunteers to attend the set-up sessions, as these act as our “backstage” preparation time before all hell breaks loose. 

Tear down will take place on Sunday the 8th of December. Only those who assist with tear down are eligible to attend the Free Lives afterparty which we promise will totally be worth your while.



Playtopia is a labour of love - consisting of an ever-growing community of passionate developers, artists, thinkers and makers. We welcome all our volunteers into the fold and encourage them to become the exhibitors, the speakers and the senior Playtopians of the future!

If you would like to sign up to our volunteer program please add your name to the sign-up sheet here.

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